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In my library I have profitably dwelt among the shining lights, with which the learned, wise, and holy men of all ages have illuminated the world.
Richard Baxter
The Quotable Christian
A collection of quotations on Christian themes by a variety of authors, most (not all) of whom are Christians. The site was originally conceived as a resource for Christian preachers, teachers and writers, but it is also intended to encourage Christians and invite everyone to put their faith in Jesus Christ.
Finding Quotes and Moving Through the Site
To find quotes on a certain topic, click on one of the two alphabetized jump menus labeled choose a topic and it will take you to the topic. For searches of specific words or terms not covered in the topical index, use the Google™ site search tool at the bottom of each page.
Finding Biographical Information
Biographical sketches are available for many of the people quoted. Click on the jump menu labeled meet the authors and choose from the list. These pages also include links to related sites and resources. If you are looking for quotes by a specific author, use the Google™ site search tool at the bottom of each page.
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Click on the link to suggest a quote or topic, where you will find instructions. Any other suggestions are encouraged and may be submitted on the contact page.
Updating the Site
The Quotable Christian is constantly updated and growing, so please bookmark the site and return often. Newer quotes will appear at the top of each page. Over time, I hope to add references to the quotes, so they will be appropriate for academic use.
The Quotable Christian began as a Hypercard stack for the Macintosh computer, titled Great Christian Quotes, and was simply a tool for collecting quotations found through personal study. If you are a Hypercard fan, you may download a legacy copy of Great Christian Quotes as a sit. file requiring Stuffit®.
The Bible
You may notice that there are no direct quotations of the Bible on this site. It is my conviction that, because the Bible is the Word of God, it should not be presented along with quotations of men, no matter how profound. In the words of Richard Baxter:
Let all writers have their due esteem, but compare none of them with the Word of God. We will not refuse their service, but we must abhor them as rivals or competitors. It is the sign of a distempered heart that loseth the relish of Scripture excellency.
The Bible is God's inspired and authoritative communication to man and I strongly suggest that you study it. Most (not all) of the quotes represent the meditations and application of Scripture to various issues by women and men who have come to know God in a deeper way through His Word and by His Spirit.
Vance "Bo" Salisbury
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