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I read Buy Avodart No Prescription, this substantive, relevant article in, of all places, that creaky ol' Rolling Stone Magazine. The writer puts the spotlight on China's new, Avodart australia, 1000mg Avodart, innovative and virtually unstoppable Chinafication strategy in Tibet, expected to wipe out the last traces of traditional culture there in fairly short order, Avodart india. 750mg Avodart, So, you can peel the Free Tibet, Avodart paypal. 10mg Avodart, bumper sticker off of your Subaru or bio-diesel Mercedes, because the war has been lost -- it's time to shift your "compassion-of-the-month-club" energy to some other lost cause, Avodart canada. 200mg Avodart, But, don't even think about Darfur or the Congo or any other hellhole on earth, Avodart ebay, 250mg Avodart, where people are committing genocide, fratricide or even polka-cide, Avodart coupon, Avodart mexico, for that matter. The people of the US are fed up with such high falootin', Avodart us, Avodart uk, JFK fantasies about "making the world a better place" and, as everyone knows, Avodart japan, Avodart overseas, "if the US won't go, nobody will go (read UN, 150mg Avodart, Avodart usa, NATO, SATO, Avodart craiglist, 40mg Avodart, etc)." I suppose the world community could whip out some sanctions or something... that's been real effective with Iran, 50mg Avodart, 30mg Avodart, North Korea, China.., 500mg Avodart. 100mg Avodart, oops. No, 20mg Avodart, the fact of the matter is that socialists and progressives in those countries will do whatever it takes to subjugate and rule the masses, just like they will in the US.

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7 Responses to “Buy Avodart No Prescription”

  1. Sean Says:

    There is a lot to be said for the ineffectiveness of the UN but the moment we decide not to communicate however futile, we set a ‘military action’ only option,which is sad in my opinion.
    Socialist countries in Europe notably France and Holland, which are used as examples of secular societies and therefore described regularly as ‘Godless and Liberal’ by the Christian right, are the main drivers of LIbertarian values. Culturally ,artistically and socially they have liberated three generations since the war and contributed to the 51st state we know as The EU . They look after there own as a priority at the expense of their respective military budgets. Ironically they seem to be less of a target of religious terrorists as a result.

    The US seems to be the driver for the military option and someone needs to be but it’s good to talk, no matter how cheap it is.

    My point? Not all Socialist and progressives have control at the heart of there ideology,some want to make sure all in society are valued.

  2. sadie hartmann Says:

    I was sent over here by a couple of my family members to “clarify” your post here. I read it and then I re-read it and then I called them to tell them that I am on your side Bo.
    What can be done to help Tibet?
    What can be done to help Darfur?
    What can be done to help Iraq?
    My guess is, nothing.
    Don’t do anything because doing something means being aggressive with these leaders that suffer from a severe God complex. You can’t just tell these leaders to stop or else and then not follow through with the “or else” part.
    Do you know how ineffective my threats as a parent would be if I told my children, “you better stop or else” and then I did nothing to punish them?
    My threats to stop behaving badly would fall on deaf ears and such are the threats of the UN.
    So yes, scratch the bumper sticker off your car because they were faded from years of inaction anyways.

  3. pietyhill Says:

    Hi Sean, Hi Sadie:

    Thanks for dropping in… it sure is fun to write again.

    Sadie, you got it just right. That’s the sad depressing fact, but all is not lost. You and I can actually get something done in those places… something small. I just got an email from a friend who was up near Darfur last week (we know others in hostpots around the globe)… he is doing some “Christian compassion guerilla actions” against the enemies there (malnutrition, wounds from war and wounds from false relgion and philosophy). While the mob tars the Christian right in our country for advocating or just hoping our elected government would intervene, we regular Christians will go about relieving a very small part of the suffering, as we have and will. And, just like we do in San Francisco, we will be maligned as “bigoted” and “haters” while we extend God’s love to muslim, animist, atheist, pagan, christian, gay, straight, military, civilian… sure, we may take issue with their choices and get flak for that, but we share their plight in this fallen world and will do what we can “and they will allow” to help out.

    I’m going to blog about John Bolton a little later and take up the problems at the UN. But, you’re absolutely right… the UN passes many resolutions and threatens. But, if there is no action… worse yet, if the US doesn’t lead, no one follows through. That’s a fact… it’s no longer arguable, like it or not (the Balkans is a prime example). It’s not arrogant, it’s not anglo or amero or whatever – centric. It is what is. And, if the US acts on UN resolutions of force as in Iraq, only to see the effort suppressed and defeated by the media, the entertainment industry, the educational system, the unions, the socialists and the anarchists, well… what American leader will go on that futile errand again? The US is right back to where it was in the ’90s… non-intervention or enforcement of UN intitiatives and resolutions after exhaustive dialogue, sanctions, discussion and, worst of all, bumper-sticker “awareness raising.” Fortunately for we Christians, we are not tied to a stiff, lumbering institution. We can get out there and do the work and, if we are unable because of circumstances or limitations, we can always support those who are sneaking into those crazy circumstances.

  4. The Zombieslayer Says:

    Bo – Reading your comments, I’m looking forward to your piece about Bolton. I actually supported Bush’s decision for Bolton and wrote my Reps about it. You and I probably share a similar position about the U.N. I see them as nimrods (Bugs Bunny definition, not Biblical) who will spend years debating the definition of genocide while tens of thousands of people are being slaughtered.

    As for Christians being maligned, non-Christian folks just don’t realize how good they have it living in a Christian nation. Christian nations tend to be the most tolerant of anyone, have the most inventors, best scientists, best artists, etc. We’re also not the ones jailing people who disagree with us. Last time I checked, communist nations (which by religion are atheist) are the most dangerous to live in if you have a big mouth (like me).

  5. pietyhill Says:

    Yes, the UN… I think Bolton’s comment on losing the top ten floors was so true, yet the humorless “nimrods” didn’t get it. He wasn’t saying that the UN had to go, but that it needs reform! These are probably the same folks who didn’t get Ann Coulter’s admonition to “…invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

    Anyway, he was a breath of fresh air and we lost him. I really do need to post the interview he did with the Guardian, Human Events and others. I was particularly interested in his ideas about the US putting less energy into the UN and more into other more progressive unions, such as NATO. I think he proposed bringing Israel in. His reasoning? He believes that, like Turkey, Israel is essentially a “European” nation and would be a good partner.

    Right on about the Christian thing… I hope I don’t sound like a whiney victim. I think, if anyone is truly objective, they will see that the feminist movement, civil rights movement and other progressive (in the good sense of the term) movements could have only come about in western Christian nations. Anecdotal or exceptional examples aside, these kinds of freedoms have gone east only because of the hegemony(in the good sense) of western Christian countries (which, ironically, are abandoning that heritage). Face it, whatever piddly little human rights concessions that come out of China are the result of our being their biggest market and *that’s all* I’m not grandstanding for Christianity… in fact, Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world, but you have to be really obstinate to deny it and you don’t have to be a Christian, either.

  6. The Zombieslayer Says:

    Yeah, kind of had a feeling Coulter’s comment was out of context. I happen to like her, except I have one big issue with her. She keeps bringing up Clinton’s infidelity, which I think is old news and needs to be dropped. She’d be making a point and sound excellent, then she’d bring that up again and she’d lose me.

    I’m bummed Bolton’s gone. I thought he was the shot in the arm the U.N. needs. But of course to certain folks, any criticism of the U.N. is sacrilege. I don’t get it. I’m still trying to find something great the U.N. has accomplished.

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