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Warrior Buy Accutane No Prescription, I found this band, Warrior, while doing an image search for a Bible study. 30mg Accutane, "Let's see now... Google Image, Accutane australia, 10mg Accutane, punch in 'sword.'" This image came up and I thought to myself, "these guys get to wear some awesome costumes!" I checked out their site, Accutane india, 750mg Accutane, listened to I Want A Walmart Girl and I was hooked.








More WarriorI called them up immediately and asked for an audition, Accutane craiglist. 150mg Accutane, That's me on the left jamming with Mike Goodnight, the bass player, 40mg Accutane. I'm pretty much a blues player, but I thought if I could don the leather and "get into character," I could pull it off, Buy Accutane No Prescription. Accutane usa, No dice. All was not lost.., Accutane japan. Accutane us, what they were really looking for was a drummer, so.., Accutane overseas. Accutane coupon,  




I kept the wig, but lost the leathers and makeup (see photo on the left), Accutane mexico. We covered a few Stryper Buy Accutane No Prescription, compositions, because we all knew the tabs and lyrics, plus they really are the reigning kings of Christian metal. 1000mg Accutane, Again, I found myself treading new artistic ground, 100mg Accutane. 200mg Accutane, These guys have their own unique brand of sophisticated metal, they sing some amazingly rigorous harmonies and, 20mg Accutane, 250mg Accutane, well, I tend to "play it like Ringo would." As much as I hate to admit it, 50mg Accutane, Accutane paypal, I couldn't keep up.

The guys in the band were swell about the whole thing, 500mg Accutane, Accutane ebay, even though we didn't gel, artistically, Accutane canada. Accutane uk, We had some good laughs, some serious theological discussions and they turned me onto a great leather outfitter in Pennsylvania. The de facto leader of the band, Tad Donley, was kind enough to point me to another band, where an artist like myself with limited musical abilities, yet decent Biblical expositional skills, might find a home, Buy Accutane No Prescription. These guys, it turns out, aren't so focused on instrumental virtuosity. Instead, they have crafted their own brand of theatrical, Bible-based shock-metal to carry the comforting message of the gospel to a wider audience. Angry Little Freaks or "ALF" are lining up a tour of family theme parks this spring and I hope, by God's grace, to be up to speed and on board with this evangelistic troupe.


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8 Responses to “Buy Accutane No Prescription”

  1. The Zombieslayer Says:

    Those outfits rock! I know, everyone else is going to call them cheesy, and maybe I’m stuck in the 80s, but I think they’re cool.

  2. Sadie Lou Says:

    “Bible Based Christian Shock-Metal”???

    Oh, Bo. You amuse me. You really do…

  3. Bo Salisbury Says:

    ZS – There are worse decades to be stuck in… I was around in the 70s and let me tell you, it was no picnic.

    Actually, I find myself inexplicably drawn to the bass player’s leg warmers, fashioned from ewok pelts. As you probably know, the annual slaughter of baby ewoks for their fur has become highly unpopular, so I’m sure he’s got a few $k wrapped around his extremities.

  4. Bo Salisbury Says:

    Look, Sadie, Christian Shock Metal is a perfectly legitimate medium to convey the soothing message of peace found in the gospel. Now, having visited the website of Angry Little Freaks and hearing their (one guy, actually) music, I don’t think they would be the example I would employ to press the point. I’m certain we could find another more, shall we say, articulate voice from the Christian shock metal community… say, for instance, Klank.

  5. Levi Nunnink Says:

    Wow, Bo. I think I’ve found inspiration for my next musical venture. I’m quitting culturezoo and going full-time into the ministry.

  6. Bo Salisbury Says:

    A bold career move, Levi… rock on, little warrior!

  7. The Zombieslayer Says:

    I like baby seals, but just have no sympathy for baby Ewoks. ;)

    As for Christian Shock Metal, I think it’s a wonderful concept. Notice that the biggest beef people have with today’s Christians is the lack of a sense of humor. Something like this in that case is a good thing, because it shows otherwise.

  8. mishegasmaster Says:

    what? christians do have a sense of humor, the trouble is it’s just all subtle

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