Gallery Certified Hip

Anonymous middle daughter* and younger sister of artist Sam Salisbury, traveled to London recently to visit the Alison Jacques Gallery, where Salisbury's latest creations will reportedly be shown in the near future. Anonymous middle daughter has a few of the artist's works in her home, including this older drawing: * Identity shielded from trolls and weirdos under the blogStalker Protection Act of 2005.

11 Responses to “Gallery Certified Hip”

  1. The Zombieslayer Says:

    All right. How come your family ended up with so much artistic talent? Is it the drinking water? Your genes? Jeans?

  2. Bo Salisbury Says:

    Thanks for the kudos Zombieslayer!

    It’s a matter of the kind of talent you’re talking about… you’re musically gifted and I totally dig your castles! You certainly can turn a good phrase… quite the writer! I’m sure Zombieslayer, Jr. will amaze you with some gift, some talent.

    Sam’s mom was a very talented ceramicist… a hand builder. I used to draw and paint… will try my hand at it this week. But, Sam just began drawing as soon as he could pick up a crayon. Sam’s sisters are really good artists, but they never did anything with it. Intimidated? Disinterested? I don’t know. They have an eye for design and style. Anonymous middle daughter is a very good accountant.

    I haven’t forgotten my post, which will be dedicated to you, but it’s just that it will take some brains and some time… I want to do it right. So, stay tuned… I think you will be pleased.

    Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

  3. Sadie Lou Says:

    someday Dan and I are going to take a whirlwind trip to Europe and visit art galleries and eat irresponsible foods and spend cash like it was made of paper.

  4. Michele Says:

    Did you purposely post a drawing under Anonymous Middle Daughter that sort of looks like her? Clever, if so. You should do that with the whole fam for a Christmas card.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Hey Sadie, Levi are going to do the same thing. We should all go together. You know, when everyones rich and retired. Isn’t that what happens when you retire? You get rich and do anything you want?

  6. Michele Says:

    No, when you retire, your mother-in-law moves in with you and wants you to feed her and change her diapers. Get Yerup right out of your head, sister-girl.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Sadie and Suzanne, it’s not that expensive to go to Europe! Just pawn your children off on their grandparents and take a two week trip following the Rick Steves books! It’s worth it.

    Anonymous Middle Daughter

  8. roz Says:

    I can go to Europe any ol time I want . it sure is nice to only be 17. Wait a minute, I cant go anywhere without my parents permission. Never mind I guess I’m not going anywhere.

  9. Levi Nunnink Says:

    Europe? I still haven’t been to 45 of the 50 states in the USA. I think I’ll leave the Dakotas, Michigan, and anything near Detroit untouched but I would like to visit the east coast and Chicago. I wouldn’t mind a decent tour of the south either.

    That being said, I’d jump at a chance to visit Europe. Mom, you wouldn’t mind taking the kids for a month, would you?

  10. Michele Says:

    thanks, anonymous middle daughter.

  11. Bo Salisbury Says:

    I think the best way to approach travel for families with small children, is to take the children and grandmother along. When the young couple is out seeing the sites, dining, visiting museums, browsing second-hand shops or engaging in other forms of recreation, grandmother ministers to the entire family, by caring for the little ones back at the hotel… after all, WWJD?

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