Good Friday

It was a Good Friday at work yesterday... a darling little five-year-old girl with red hair and green eyes came in to bring me a Spring flower bouquet. She and I sometimes chat through the Post Office boxes when she comes into the lobby with her grandma. She will say, "Bo?" Instead of answering, I will pop the box from the inside and wave my hand, like Thing on the Addams Family or I will imitate the Cookie Monster through the mail drop. Those two characters seem to get the best response. Other times, I simply act like a real Postmaster. I rummaged around for a flower vase, but the only thing I could find was this unused spray bottle in the custodial closet. I think it accentuates the bouquet (Spring flowers exploding or bursting forth) and the frosted appearance of the plastic gives it a muted, dignified look, focusing all attention on the flowers. Because I am flower illiterate, I had to check with Denise to see what we have here. Let's see, there are a couple of daffodils and a tulip. The others are grape hyacinth and your generic hyacinth. There are some things I do know, however. Those of us who understand a little French, pronounce bouquet "boo-kwet" with the emphasis on the second syllable. If I was sure most of my readers were from Maine, I would have described my little friend as cunnin', which is the approximate translation of darling or cute.

2 Responses to “Good Friday”

  1. Diane Says:

    what a sweet little story! How nice to be appreciated! I can just picture you sticking your hand thru the PO box from the backside, and waving. Too funny.

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