Bunny Days in Beautiful Mission Viejo

Bunny Days Today is Bunny Days (sic) in Mission Viejo California, the pioneering planned community and birthplace of famous modern artist, Sam Salisbury (1977). "This family-oriented event includes egg hunts, carnival game booths, crafts, family games, pony rides, and a visit by the 'Bunny.'" Meanwhile, at a senior community on the other side of town, a different sort of hunt takes place. While children roam the landscape, searching for colorful Easter eggs at Bunny Days, the Casta del Sol homeowners have hired a sniper to whack marauding bunnies, which are allegedly reaking havoc on native shrubs and plants, according to this March 25th story in the LA Times. South O.C. Community Has Rabbits in Its Sights "It's a quality-of-life issue," said Councilman Lance MacLean. "They're a pest. We really weren't left with a whole lot of options. We have tried trapping, so we've kind of gone to our last resort." Other interesting solutions included arming seniors with shoulder fired rocket launchers or tazers for personal protection: "Maye Russ, head of the community's greenbelt committee, has been lobbying City Hall to allow residents to arm themselves against the rabbits for three years. She said a recent informal poll showed that nearly 90% of residents were in favor of shooting bunnies to protect their landscaped lawns." Stealthy and humane predators have been used in other locales to control the "wascally wabbits," but proved problematic in the Casta del Sol ecosystem, because of the natural hunters' lack of discrimination: "In past years, the city considered bringing in foxes but backed off because they would go after not only rabbits, but also small dogs and cats." It seems to me that some solution could be reached by bringing together the organizers of Bunny Days and the Casta del Sol homeowners. Perhaps next year Bunny Days could include a barbeque dinner for the entire community.

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